8 May 2017

Cleve has had a fantastic time at Little Orchard Preschool.  He looks forward to every day and always bounces his way in.  I wish I had enrolled him sooner. I wanted to say, in advance, a big thank you to all the team for the awesome work that you do. I have really seen Cleve grow and develop whilst he has been at Little Orchard Preschool as he will no doubt continue to do so over the next few weeks before he leaves.

Julie Barraclough 

27 January 2017

I just want to thank everyone who has helped support Noah and myself over the past 2.5 years. It has been such a great journey for Noah during his time at Douglas Street and he has grown into a wonderful young man over the past 2.5 years with the help of all of the team at Little Orchard Preschool– Douglas Street providing a safe, friendly, loving, supportive and nurturing environment. I appreciate all of your support and just loved going in everyday to be greeted by wonderful people with wonderful welcoming smiles. What a great team – keep it up guys you guys are the best!! We are going to miss you all!!!

Sharlene Caskey

22 September 2016

I am writing to let you know it was Annabelle's last day today at Little Orchard Preschool in Douglas Street. I am reading through her profile book and it is amazing!!!!! Annabelle has experienced a wonderful foundation for her learning at Little Orchard Preschool and we are very grateful!!!!
Thank you to all the staff and leadership team for this experience for Annabelle.

Rebecca Plunket

7 October 2016

Wow wow wow!!!! Life will pass you by if you don't slow down. Our lil princess had her last day at daycare today. Mummy cried as expected. To all the staff of Little Orchard Preschool in McGarvey Road, Grahame and I can't thank you all enough for the impact you have had on Keira's life. You surely are creating stars of the future!!! Thank you for all the love you have given our family over the last 7 years already!!! I think the day Braxton graduates I will absolutely have to book the day off work so I can cry all afternoon. So from the Sims family to all the staff at LOP McGarvey Road we love you and thank you xx

Kylie Sims

 11 October 2016

Thank you very much to the McGarvey Rd Preschool who has cared and nurtured my son since he was five months. You all have loved and parented him and raised him well, from my heart I am truly thankful and grateful for the kindness and genuine care shown and we will miss you so much. Titan is looking forward to his new journey as he starts school this coming Monday. Once again I appreciate all your hearts and good solid teaching for my son, you have given to him a great start to life. He has learnt so much and has grown and developed well with you all.

Kelly Roia-Stewart

16 March 2016

My two children have been attending Little Orchards Douglas Street. From the moment I walked in I felt that it was right for my children. It was the first time I had been at work after two and a half years and I was very anxious.

I was made to feel welcome and rest assured that my two precious babies would be fine. First day arrived and I was upset and of course so were my two but I walked away feeling nothing but confident that my kids were in the best hands.

The whole facility is just awesome. I can not say enough about the lovely ladies that I see every day.

I highly recommend Little Orchards to anyone. Sadly I have had to transfer jobs and I have to take the kids with me. I am going to miss everyone and can't thank them enough for everything. My children have developed and grown so much. Thank you thank you thank you xx

Rachel Bakker-Smith

31 July 2015

Myself and my kids have been part of the McGarvey Little Orchard family for five years, and I could not recommend them enough! Their staff are friendly, helpful and have become great friends! My kids just love their time at daycare, I can quickly drop them off without there being any problem, and know they are in safe hands and are being well looked after! They go above and beyond to make sure they carry out a parent’s wishes and keep their routine as normal as possible!

The family fun nights, hangi, Christmas party, train rides and room trips are incredible, and as much fun for us parents as it is for the kids :-)

Keep up the AMAZING work, I can't thank you enough for bringing such joy to my kids lives !!!

Polly Jones-Morris

 27 July 2015

Both of our children have been to Little Orchard Preschool in McGarvey Road and our daughter is now at school and doing very well. Her first teachers’ comments were that she was very ready for school and her able ability reflects this. She is doing very well at primary school and I would like to attribute her readiness to her time at Little Orchard Preschool. The teachers at Little Orchard are lovely, very friendly and highly competent and I feel I never have to worry about the care of my children. Our son is still at Little Orchard Preschool and is very happy to go there every day”

Nga mihi

Laurissa Cooney

12 July 2015

For the past four years we have been fully engaged with Little Orchard Douglas Street.

Through the team of qualified staff the centre offers a bicultural foundation through which our children are nurtured in an environment outside the home. The open door policy of the management team means all parents have the opportunity to follow up on any issues with staff at anytime.

We have enjoyed all of the experiences which have been available to Hannah - from Teddy Bears Picnics, outings to the Library and Muka Youth Art last year.

On site swimming, the bike track, themed days and the individual encouragement given to each child ensures that our children are in a stimulating and positive environment.

Wayne Marriott & Andrea Wilkes

8 July 2015

I have been part of the Douglas Street Little Orchard family for a number of years now and I wouldn’t send my children anywhere else! The support and advise of the teachers (especially Harriet) has been invaluable to me. The teachers are engaged and caring and I always feel my children are safe and well cared for when they are at the centre. The school trips and out of hours activities are second to none and the commitment shown to the community through sponsorship is amazing! Keep up the good work.

Amie Bean

30 June 2015

Little Orchard Preschool in Douglas Street has been an incredible experience for Jack aged 4, recently relocated from West Auckland. 

The ability to include both ECE and Montessori has been a real advantage and growth opportunity. The teachers are incredibly responsive and provide a range of learning experiences. Supervisors and management are seen interacting with the children and are easy to talk to and the administration ladies make enrolment easy. 

The outdoor play area is extensive and provides well-resourced learning. Children numbers are relatively low which is a bonus. We would recommend Little Orchard Douglas Street to any child!

Lorreen Hartley