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Our centre is based within a strong community and creates strong and trusting relationships with our tamariki and whanāu. We have 5 classrooms catering for children aged 0-6 years, including a separate infant room. Our centre has a strong multi cultural base and our programmes are reflective of our children, their families and our amazing environment. We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities including a swimming programme, library visits and excursions within our community.

Detailed below is an overview of our classrooms within the Centre along with our team. The age groups noted for each classroom is indicative only as it depends not only on the age of the child but also the stages of development of each individual child.


The Kiwi Room

For children aged 0-15 months the Kiwi Room philosophy is based on the fact that we believe children have the right to be accepted and respected for who they are now. We believe in treating children as individuals that have important thoughts, feelings and needs. Children need time and space to grow and learn at their own pace. We believe in providing children and their families with a home-like environment that is nurturing and flexible to each family’s individual needs. 


Lorraine   Lyn   Kalaya
Lorraine - Room Leader
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher



The Pukeko Room

For children aged 15 months to 2 ½ years of age the Pukeko Room believes that children learn by exploring and playing.  The classroom has a philosophy of letting children be children and learning about their bodies through small and large motor skill based learning opportunities.  The Pukeko Room programme aims to help children find ways to communicate and express themselves, while learning to make friends and play alongside others. 


Nikki   Leanne   Heather   Sara
Nikki - Room Leader
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher
Teacher in Training



The Kereru Room

For children aged 2 ½ - 3 ½ years the Kereru Room philosophy is based on the fact that children learn through play and sensory experiences while utilising the natural environment and the resources it provides.  We believe in teaching children the joy of nature and how to care for and protect our world.  In the Kereru Room the children will experience a wide variety of activities, both familiar and unfamiliar, that extend their learning and knowledge, while being fun and challenging.


Charlotte   Jen   Sarah   Kelci
Charlotte - Room Leader
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher
Teacher in Training



The Ruru Room

The Ruru Room is for children aged 3 ½ - 6 years of age and has a philosophy is based on the fact that children learn through both play and real life experiences. Children need to be able to experience a wide variety of activities to   stimulate and extend their joy in learning.  The Ruru Room enables children to learn at their own pace and embraces each child’s own interests and abilities.

Dearne   Timatanga   Jordan   Sui
Dearne - Acting Room Leader
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher
Registered Teacher
Teacher in Training



The Office Hub

Our Centre Leader oversees the day to day operation of the Centre, sharing her time in the classrooms and also in the office. Our Centre Leader is available to discuss the learning opportunities in the Centre along with our Administrator who is available to assist with any queries our whanāu may have.

Rhonda   Helen   Trina
Rhonda - Centre Leader
Registered Teacher
Kitchen Hostess
Office Administrator